The Next 3 Things To Immediately Do About Recruiting Agency

Know how you want to set up a network you know how you want to set up a server but again as you’re dealing with different software different requirements that companies might have you’re going to have to learn different methods.

That will work for those clients 1 so you might have one clients that uses 1 local software a local database they 1 need to access you might have a 1 different one that just wants you know 1 people from all over the country to be 1 able remote into the same server or that 1 server to copy to others across the country so they can all see the same stuff to work it on.

So it is really a constant learning procedure I mean it’s we’re constantly getting certified for new things in just learning new methods of doing stuff for clients all right so Michaels necks right yeah so um as far as that goes Oh so my next one is knowledge so I guess if it goes on what we just talked about the knowledge of it all ah.

I you 1 really do you really can’t expect one person know everything like that what a lot of our clients expect expect if you cure the primary engineer you’re supposed to know everything you should 1 know everything about our network she 1 know how to fix most things um but it is 1 a lot of team work that we do have to 1 work with a lot of different engineers 1 in the office so there might be another 1 one that knows a lot more about exchange 11 than I do 111 I’m running to an exchange issue I’ll 11 work with that certain individual same 11 web posting I know nothing about web 11 hosting so I rely on that engineer to 11 work on that.

What helps keep my 1 organization in knowledge of how do you 1 guys not have a hole somewhere that’s up 1 nothing’s perfect 1 yeah it’s not that you can or say you 1 can’t don’t have any holes but I mean 1 you do try to get as many be we’d 1 employees of course different skill sets 1 and.

You do try to get as many people if 1 there is a whole summer will usually say 11 hey who’s willing to learn this and 1 beyond go-to guy for this stuff so what 1 they’re our company also is what we 1 actually do phone systems of all we do 1 Boyd systems you know.

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